The dog’s proverbials

We’ll bet you there are literally, like, tens of companies out there that when they examine how they look to the outside world, don’t like what they see. Or at the very least know they could do better.

Our job is to make you feel great about how your company looks. We want you to feel that you simply couldn’t top it. You blow your competitors out of the water. You are numero uno, king of the heap, the dog’s proverbials.

So we can start with a new brand, or your trusty one. And help you with integrated campaigns, printed comms like brochures, web designs, advertising, even guerilla stuff (not gorilla stuff, that’s different – we don’t do that). We promise you’ll feel a whole lot better about the way you look.


Small, but imperfectly formed

So, we’re tiny. In fact there’s usually just the two of us. “Small”, I hear you say. But we’re open about that, and make no apologies for it. Here’s why…

We’re part of a community of talented, freelance creative types. We work with some other lovely people in Suffolk and that’s how we deliver great stuff, on time, on budget over and over again. We can do all the design and management because we literally eat work, but sometimes when we need a creative copywriter, or a web programmer, we pull in the guys that kick butt at that stuff.


Some of our work buddies


Sylvaine Poitau
Anthony Cullen

Creative / copy writers

Joe Whitehead
Wendy Quantrill


David Holloway
Simon Brough
Tom Tilby
Tom Coleman


Hannah Huntly

Web wizards












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